Our Standards

Behind the Blue Star name is a trusted staff of experienced professionals committed to the highest standards in the industry. This dedication is fortified through:

Mandatory Training:
All Blue Star employees have successfully passed WHMIS, Fall Arrest and Flag Man training.

All Blue Star employees are members in good standing of the Operating Engineers Association, Local 793.

Our Health and Safety Policy:
A solid safety policy is not only good for the health of our employees, but also gives families peace of mind knowing their loved ones will return home everyday. We continually strive to create the safest work environment possible through:

  1. Strict compliance with all local regulations and the Occupational Health and Safety Act.
  2. A prescribed Emergency Response Plan and adequate staff safety training.
  3. Supervisor accountability: Blue Star supervisors are responsible for ensuring site and procedural safety standards are followed and that all equipment is in good working order.
  4. Mandatory employee and sub-contractor compliance of all health and safety regulations. Failure to adhere to these standards may result in immediate termination of employment or the contract.
  5. An open door policy where employees are encouraged and expected to discuss safety and operational concerns with their supervisor as they arise.